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Día 41 "Testando a la Bestia"

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19 Day "Somewhere US airspace"

What a race yesterday!!! It was a blast!!! It was a mentally battle between your fears and the magic word “Possible”. I was till halfway in third position, so I was not even able to feel scare, when I was rolling at almost 40mph in the first downhill and, when the first long uphill show up, I was reconverted in a “hunter-killer”. It does not matter what you feel inside your body, you are a machine, you just stay focus in your racing wheelchair frame, and no matter what happen´s around you, the only thing in the world that exists is your body.

It was a challenge between my mind and my body, and I was able to beat myself, winning by just 23 seconds to the athlete who beat me in London. This time was no pain, no fear, no humans feelings, just working as a perfect machine, thinking in every movement I was able to perform… Just 23 seconds for getting my 12 Bloomsday in a row and tie with an athlete that I admire since I began to practice this sport, the American Jean Driscoll.

Now it´s time to rest, train and start to think in my next goal… I want to race again in 3min40sec the 1500m and I want it!!!

Santiago Sanz an enthusiastic athlete, coach and exercise phsysiologist learner

@santirun on twitter

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Day 12 "After a long trip"

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Day 8 It´s all about British weather

After Miguel´s torture (Spanish Physio of the London Marathon), an easy workout of ten miles and welding my racing chair from the crack I did at Boston Marathon, I feel… QUITE RELAX!!!

This year resting after Boston was the keypoint, so non activity since I landed from Boston, just a long push with my everyday chait through the Thames river, till Parliament square.

A short and faster workout tomorrow, a technical meeting, dinner and dream with a big day, with an intense race and make my family enjoy because they will be supporting me right at the finish line.

Day 5 Boston-London

Pain? Just lay down in the sofa of Marriott Boston hotel, waiting to be pick up by a shuttle which bring me to the airport in a few hours, with all the crazy stuff I have to transport in this 50 days Tour. I will be heading London (UK) tonight.

First two things to do in London:

- Find a welder to fix the fender´s bar of my racing chair

- Get recovered from the trip, yesterday´s marathon and all the stressful situation that a trip like this create.

I am happy with my time and race because it was pretty windy through all race and I have had pain in my legs in the last few weeks. Pain is pretty intense from 30Km. Fender broke in the last four miles, so was not pretty bad at all.

I went to dinner yesterday with awesome friends. James was there (he invite us to dinner). He´s a differente abilities runners, just an example of how you can do whatever you want, with the stuff that allow you to do it. In this case, his orthesis, the turbo med, allow him to finish a marathon a little bit over five hours and, What does it really means? It´s just an element of stay focus and self demand, much bigger that in racers who cross the line under two hours.

Just followed today nutrition tips from Asker Jeukendrup (sport nutritionist), who recommend a high proteinI/carbs post race breakfast, so I went with my athlete Jose to the famous Thortons and enjoy the traditional american oatmeal and a huge omelette (share with Jose) of veggies, ham and turkey.

It´s quite interesting the history from wheelchair racer Hiroyumi Yamamoto, who lost his son by a drunk driver and who race a few months later, the Tokyo Marathon. As a father of two, I just can can admire this person, with this act of physical strength. Hiroyumi has won this Boston marathon in 2014, and he recently got the qualification for the Rio Games being 47 years old. The most important quality of this gentlemen, is that he´s a person who always smile you, whenever see you, because he learned to smile to adversity.

Next stop London and as japanese runner Yuki Kawauchi say´s:

Pain is inevitable! Suffering is optional!

Santiago Sanz an enthusiastic athlete, coach and exercise phsysiologist learner

@santirun on twitter

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Santiago Sanz an enthusiastic athlete, coach and exercise phsysiologist learner

@santirun on twitter

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