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Sport bio

The begining:

Santiago began his athletic life at the Spring of 1993 rolling in an everedaychair.

In 1995 he bought a sport wheelchair and he started train with Jose María Torres (At present is the second coach of the professional cycling team Kelme). This year Santiago run in so much events around Alicante´s and Murcia´s Province with the Albatera´s running club although until 1996 he wouldn´t Know Paco Hidalo (racing chair athlete deceased in 1997). Paco ushered Santi in track and field and one year later Santi bought a racing chair and began training with Veronica Segura athletic coach and Graduate in Sports Sciencies by Valencia´s University. Santiago improved so much his personal bests and did the limit in 1500m for 1998 World Championships celebrated in England, but he didn´t go for bureaucratic problems, in spite of has done the world best time of the year in 1500m (3´57´´53) at Alicante´s Stadium.

In 1999 Santiago did his personal bests in 800m (2´05´´51), 1500m (3´51´´05) and 5000m (13´07´´). 1999 was the previous year of Santiago´s Interntional debut.

First interesting times:

In 1999 Santiago did his personal bests in 800m (2´05´´51), 1500m (3´51´´05) and 5000m (13´07´´). 1999 was the previous year of Santiago´s Interntional debut.

In 2000 Santiago attended to Paralimpyc Games and got a Silver Medal in 5000m and a Bronze Medal in 800m planing back to International competitions in 2001 Spring.
In 2001 Santiago began training with his coach at present Jose Manuel Fernandez Graduate in Sports Sciencies by Granada´s University.
Santiago won athletics Mitin in Toronto, Blanckemberg (Berlin) where he did the the world best time of the year in 5000m (13´10´´). He won 1500m In Swiss Championships …
Santiago won three gold medals in European Championships celebrated in Luzern (Switzerland).
In 2002 Santiago hurted his right wrist on January and didn´t train for four months and began a suffering process for comeback to International level. He got a Silver medal in 1500m and a Bronze medal in 5000 in the World Championships celebrated in Lille (France).
This year Santiago was proclaimed best handicap sport man of the year in Alicante´s Province and was finalist in the best Dress Sport of the Comunidad Valenciana.

In 2003 Santiago back to the International level and he got two Bronze medals in 400m and 800m in the European Championships celebrated in Assen (The Netherlands).

He went to the American Series celebrated in the East Coast of the United States and he did some second and third positions in some events.

First professional year:

In season 2003/2004 Santi has beaten all his personal bests: 800m 2´02´´65 (Fifth best ever result and national record), 1500 3´49´´25(National Record) , 2000 5´06´´86, 3000 7´51´´19, 5000 13´06´´96 (Second best ever result and National Record).

In his second participation in the American Series (Toronto-New York-Cedartown-Atlanta), finished in twelve position and won 5000m in Atlanta Track Meet. Finished third in New York (Nick Katsiounis Memorial) and second in Toronto Rampage, Peachtree 10Km and Cedartown 5Km.
To finish an excellent season got two medals in Athens 2004 Paralympic Games. (Bronze 5000m and Sylver 1500m) and got fourth place in 800m.

Santi begin´s to be top elite racer:
Season 2005 was a great season for Santi improving his nationals recods in 800m (2´01´´43) and 1500m (3´39´´63) been first T-52 athlete in get under 3´40´´ barrier.

Santi also improved his times in 2000m (5´02´´) and 3000m (7´31´´) and beat world records in route in 5000m (11´55´´) and 10000m (24´14´´).

Santi won european tittle in 800m and 1500m and won in Oz Day (Sydney, Australia), Lilac Bloomsday (Spokane, USA), Old Ken River Bank (Grand Rapids, USA), Cto. Suiza 800m (Arbon, Switzerland), Cedartown (USA) and Peachtree (Atlanta, USA).

Santi set new race records in Oz Day, Lilac Bloomsday, Cedartown and Peachtree.
Albatera´s athlete was second in Toronto Rampage (Toronto, Canada), Memorial Nick Katsiounis (Long Island, USA), Meet in The Heat 800m and 1500m (Atlanta, USA) and Run River Run (Saskatoon, Canada).

Santi finished second in overall clasification in the America Series and World Series and finished fifht in Australia Series.

Santi was recongnized like best province athlete and perceived the gold sport merit medal of the Comunidad Valenciana.

First World Records:

During season (2005-2006) he jump to the top of athletics with the victory in the World Series and four tittles in the World Championships from 800m til Marathon.

Santi improved all his personal bests except the one of the 1500m, emphasizing the World Record in 800m and 5000m.

Triple crown in middle distances:

During season (2006-2007) season Santi has followed growing as a top racer and is important to detach the triple middle distance crown (world record in the 800m, 1500m and 5000m) and also the double world champion tittle in the 5 and 10Km road World Champs, celebrated in Georgia (USA).

Santi set also world records in 5Km and 10Km road and also i half marathon and didn´t set a new world record in marathon by just only a second.

Santi followed unbeat in road race events and since July 2005 (Saskatoon, Canada) hasn´t lost any road event in his class. He won the last event of the season (Oita International wheelchair marathon) and beat there to Olympic champion Tosihiro Takada by ninenteen seconds.
He got victories in cities like Sydney, Lisbon Toronto, Seoul, Spokane, Atlanta,…

Once again he got the award of best alicante´s athlete and also was named by Spanish Paralympic Comittee as best athlete of 2006 and by the triathlete Olympic champion Kate Allen best athlete of 2006.

Unlucky racer:

During season (2007-2008) Santi back to get several victories in international events, getting nine victories in cities like Lisbon, Spokane, Atlanta, New York, …

Santi set a new world record in the Half Marathon distance and also got a new world champ tittle in the distance in the portuguese city.

Santi got his 30th road event victory and after three years was beaten in a road event in his third olympic games, just when he was leading the race with another two racers. Santi got a fifth place in the 800m and a forth in the marathon and told that his middle distance perios had finished and til 2009 he´ll begin to train for the 10000m to get ready for attack the marathon in 2011.
Some hours after landing from Beijing his daughter Daniela was born and for Santi she is a great motivatios in his daily preparation. He hope´s to hang her the gold.

Moving up to 10000m with 10 victories:

Santi began to train last season (2008/09) the 10000m event like previous step to his marathon training program and his adaptation to his strict training program was satisfactory.

Santi keep a great shape during season and the most important highlights were the second ever faster 10000m road time (23´27´´) who set Atlanta on July 4th. the second ever faster Half Marathon set in Newcastle (52´33´´) and the world best leadin times in 5000m, 10000m, half marathon and marathon (1h47´37´´), instead of race it under huge wet conditions and setting the best ever time for a marathon under rain y conditions.

He won in ten of fourteen events and his times were great. We remember when on 3rd May won in Indianapolis Mini Marathon and the day after won his fifth consecutive Bloomsday celebrated in Spokane, just 2000 miles from Indianapolis and with just 40 degrees and 20miles wind he finished just 30 seconds over his course record.

During this season Santi enjoyed with his daughter Daniela who was born after coming back from Beijing and he wait´s thah his next daughter will be born by the end of the year.

Big success season and serious injury:

Season 2009/10 was really positive in it´s first half because Santi back to win in several international events (Sidney, Atlanta, Charleston, Spokane, etc…). I seven times he back to the higher step of the podium and even his second daughter Ana was born by middle December so he had another big reason to have a bigger perfomance.

After great half part of the season where he got with his victory in Peachtree (sixth consecutive) his fiftieth international victory in a road event. He got injury in August and was three months without being able to train in the racing chair. The rehabilitation, occupied much of the beginning of Autumn in the daily live of our athlete.

Santi back to racing after his injure in the Oita Marathon (Japan) where he finished in third place. He´ll begin the 2011 with the World Champinships which will be held in late January in New Zeland.

A succesful jump to Marathon Training

Season 2010/11 was the comeback from our racer to his top perfomance. He not only overcome a serious hip injury due to a tough and methodologic work with EAGLESPORTCHAIRS Stuff who designed a special racing chair for his new racing conditions, he even got nine international victories, finishing season with a victory in Oita´s International wheelchair marathon after getting adapt to Marathon Training Program coming from his two years of 10000m program training.

Santi won big events like Gasparilla 15K, Atlanta Half Marathon, Cooper River Bridge, Lilac Bloomsday, Fifth Third River Bank Run, New Kessler Foundation 10K, Peachtree road race, Portugal´s Half Marathon and Oita´s Marathon (Japan).

Season 2011/12 was impressive for our race, winning in 11 of the 15 International events he took part. He also finished World Leading in 5000m (12´44´´37), 10000m road (24´47´´) and Marathon (1h50´48´´). He arrived to 70 road races victories in his career.

Santi won at the Oz Day 10K, Gasparilla 15K, LA Marathon, Cooper River Bridge, Kentucky Derby Festival Mini Marathon, Miny 500 Festival Marathon, Lilac Bloomsday, Fifth Third River Bank Run, New Kessler Foundation 10K, Peachtree road race and Portugal´s Half Marathon.

Santi got injured whe he was preparing for Oita Marathon (Japan). He didn´t arrive in healthy conditions to the japanese event, anyways he´s getting recover and by beginning of December he will be training again for 2012/13 season.

Back to top level

Season 2012/13 was impressive for our racer, winning in 11 of the 16 International events he took part. He also finished World Leading in 10000m road (24´46´´), Half Marathon (55´15´´) and Marathon (1h46´09´´). He arrived to 81 road races victories in his career.

Santi won at Los Angeles Marathon with a new course record (1h59´37´´), Cooper River Bridge, Boston Marathon, Kentucky Half Marathon in a new course record (56´32´´), Miny Indy 500 with a new course record (55´15´´), Lilac Bloomsday, Fifth Third River Bank Run, New Kessler Foundation 10K in a new course record(24´46´´), Boilermaker 15K, Portugal´s Half Marathon and Oita wheelchair Marathon (Japan).

Stay on the top

Season 2013/14 was impressive for our racer, winning in 10 of the 12 International events he took part. He also finished World Leading in 10000m road (25´05´´), Half Marathon (54´10´´) and Marathon (1h46´12´´). He arrived to 91 road races victories in his career.

Season 2015

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