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Personal biography

Name: Santiago.
Surname: Sanz Quinto.
Birthday: 18 de septiembre de 1980.
Place of birth: Albatera (Alicante).
Residence place: Albatera, Alicante (España).
Height: 176 cm. (5,77 feet) Weight: 50 Kg. (114 pounds)
Everyday Chair: Eagle Tornado Titanium
Favourite food: Paella and all pasta stuff
Favourite drink: Juices

Disability: Charcot Marie Tooth since 18 months. Santi began having problems in his gait pattern and his parent contact with the doctors of “La Paz” (Madrid)) hospital.

Finally the doctors confirms his disease Charcot Marie Tooth. It affects 1 of every 2500 people in every age. Progressively the disease evolved and at 13 he began to use the chair to move.

Since 13 began to race like a funny hobbie is his village courses. Since this moment had the dream of been a professional racer…

Training place´s: Alicante´s province, Albatera and La Vega Baja, Elche´s athletics stadium.
Academical curriculum:
Graduate in Sports Sciencies by Valencia´s University (1998-2003). Speciality in High perfomance (athletics) and Special population.
National athletic coach

Hobbies: Read training books, training planification, terror cinema and spanish cinema, fantastic literature, to do the cooking and listen rock music.
A dream: Enjoy with my daughter great moments.

A reality: The proffesionalism in wich i live at present.
Something to improve: My character (I´m so much temperamental).
A Virtue: My agony capacity and try to be perfect in training subjects.

Something to detach: My daily steadiness (I live for train), my family and girlfriend (they´re always supporting me), the tenacity of my technical group, my sponsors (without then it wouldn´t be real) and of course my friends and my village (a place to visit).

A Spetial sport moment: The day which I did the limit for the 2000 Paralimpyc games in Murcia (Spain). I remember it was a spetial evening. The track was slow and when I did the first lap my father told me “Santiago 65´´” and I thougth “now or never” and I finish 800m in 2´07´´69 and the limit for go to Sidney was 2´07´´70. I won´t forget this competition never beause it opened the door of the event which would change my life.

Sport moment to forget: My fall in Beijin´s Marathon.
Your Favourite event: I like so much 10000m and the Marathon.
A Training session which fascinate me: Just every pushes, I really enjoy it.
The Harder training session: Two hours in rolling roads.
National favourite competition: Seville Marathon
International favorite competition: Peachtree (Atlanta,USA), Lilac Bloomsday and Summer Down Under (Sydney, Australia

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