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Santiago´s team

Santiago´s Team

Racer and coach: Santiago Sanz

  • Sport Sciences Degree
  • National Athletics coach

Santiago plays a dual role in this project as a racer and his own coach.

Untitled from Santiago Sanz on Vimeo.

Biomechanical: Gabriel Brizuela Costa

  • Phd. in Sport Sciences
  • Teacher of Biomechanicist and Adapted Physical Activity in the University of Valencia.

Gabriel researches on key elements in Santiago´s performance Santi like aerodynamics and propulsion.

Untitled from Santiago Sanz on Vimeo.

Physiotherapist: * Jose Luna

Phisiotherapist and osteopath

Jose is responsible for leaving the muscles of our athlete in the best conditions and advise on postural improvements “ergonomics”.

Untitled from Santiago Sanz on Vimeo.

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